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International Journal of Current Research in Medical Sciences (ijcrims)

January 2018 Issue

VOL.4 ISSUE-1 (January - 2018)

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( i ) Journal Cover Page
( ii ) Contents
1. Comparative study of Fundus first and Retrograde Cholecystectomy at a tertiary care centre in Northern India
Manjit Singh Khalsa, Satpal Hans, Gurbax Singh, Sahil Mashal, Anand Dutta, Devika Krishnakumar
2. Varmam therapy in Siddha System of Medicine
Dr. S. Karthik Nagarajan, Dr. A. Vasanth Miltonraj, Dr. N. J. Muthukumar, Dr.P.Samundeeswari,Dr. V. Mahalakshmi, Prof. Dr. V. Banumathi
3. In vitro anti fungal activity of the siddha drug Gandhaga Mathirai
Seetha Lakshmi G, Vanitha A, Muthukumar N.J, Banumathi V.
4. Toxicity study on Sanga Thiravagam for polycystic ovarian syndrome
Seethalakshmi G, Muthukumar N.J , Kanakavalli K, Parthiban P,Banumathi V
5. Diagnostic utility of bone marrow aspiration, imprint and biopsy in evaluation of various haematological disorders
Vijay Mehra, Babita Rani, Jaspreet Singh, Surinder Paul, Pankaj Kumar, Sushma Goyal
6. Study of Reproductive profile in Hypothyroid females
Preetkanwal Sibia , Chamanjot Kaur, Jasbir Singh, Baldeep Singh, Ishrat, N.S. Neki
7. Induction of Labour with intracervical Foley’s catheter and intravaginal Misoprostol
Dr. Arvinder Kaur, Dr. Santosh, Dr. Parneet Kaur, Dr. Manpreet
8. A Review on tuberculosis in Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection
Ochei Kingsley Chinedum, Obeagu Emmanuel Ifeanyi, Emma Akpan, and Ezeh-Ifeanyi Gloria Ndidiamaka and Ekelozie Ifeoma Stell
9. Color Doppler Evaluation of Scrotal Swellings
Jatinder Pal Singh, Paramjit Singh Josh, N.S.Neki
10. Kawasaki, Complications and Causes -A Review
Magid Reza Akbarizadeh
11. Prevalence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) among antenatal clients who used federal medical centre Umuahia 2009-2013
Amah HC., Ozims S.J., Eberendu I.F., Agu G.C., Ihekaire D.E., Obioma-Elemba J.E., Obasi C.C., Uchegbu U., Amah C.C., Ibanga I.E., Nwosu D.C., and Nwogu O.
12. Disorders that cause non-conjunctiva hyperbilirubinemia
Mehran Hesaraki
13. Crusted Scabies: A great mimicker of Chronic Plaque Psoriasis
Saurabh Sharma, Oshin Agrawal, BB Mahajan, Deepak Rana, N.S. Neki
14. A role of a hematological profile in assessing the severity of Atopic dermatitis
Oshin Agrawal, BB Mahajan, Saurabh Sharma, Deepak Rana, N.S. Neki
15. Toxicity Studies of Poly Herbal Siddha Formulation Narasinga Rasayanam
S. Iyswarya, S. Visweswaran, V. Banumathi
16. Association of microalbuminuria with cardiovascular risk factors in non diabetic adults: A cross-sectional study at Guru Nanak Dev Hospital, Amritsar, Punjab
Harpreet Singh, Jasleen Kaur, Sumeet Singh, Dania Kaur, Riya Kaur Kalra
17. The identification of HPV, CMV, HSV and EBV Infections and P53 Expression in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Gadarif Teaching Hospital (2014- 2017)
Nadia Abdel Rahiam Mohammed Alamin, Usama A Elsharief, Rabie A Babiker, Osman Khalafallah Saeed, Mahmoud Ibrahim Osman Hamad, Osman Sadig Bukhari, Sami Eldirdiri Elgaili Salah, Mawa Bushra Omer
18. Role of MRI in the Evaluation of Space Occupying Lesions of the Brain
Surbhi , Sohan Singh, Ramesh Chander , Gurinder Bir Singh Mahal, N.S.Neki
19. Does the Closure Technique Affect the Wound Healing in Ankle Fractures in Diabetic Patients -A Prospective Study
Anil Gupta, Suhail Malhotra, Sanjeev Gupta
20. Suttigai [Cauterization] in Siddha system of Medicine.
B R Dinesh, K Prabakar, V Mahalakshmi, N J Muthukumar, V Banumathi
21. Acute Anti-inflammatory activity of Eraippu Noi Chooranam on carrageenan induced paw edema in wistar albino rats
Dr. Amala Hazel.A.M, Dr. Pattarayan. R , Dr.Banumathi. V

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